Welcome to the CthulhuCon WikiEdit

Maybe-Official Wiki for the Annual WV Panhandle CthulhuCon Event

About CthulhuConEdit

CthulhuCon is an annual gathering of basement-dwelling nerds that takes place in the Martinsburg area once a year. Having drawn its name from the source material typically played at these gatherings, CthulhuCon has historically featured a plethora of excursions into the wicked world of H.P. Lovecraft's mythos, though in recent years has seen an expansion into other roleplaying realms.

Savage Worlds was selected as the rule system for the 2014 winter event, and a new settings was born to support it. This wiki page has been devoted to help track and maintain that setting for future use.

Settings Edit

Her Majesty's League Edit

A Victorian steam-punk setting using the Savage Worlds ruleset based on a floating city in Saturn.

Special Rules Edit

The following is a list of specialized rulesets for use within CthulhuCon settings.

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