The Floating City is, as the name suggests, a city of mysterious origins suspended in mid-air. It was built by unknown, non-human mechanics and is held aloft in the upper atmosphere of Saturn by massive balloons. It is the primary setting of Her Majesty's League of Extra-Terran Settlers.

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The first true discovery of the Floating City was rumored to be by Sir Alfred von Hillscheimer, though as he was in the midst of a drunken stupor, the amateur astronomer did not comprehend his discovery. His apprentice, Tellington Nightschkeemer, was also rumored to have stolen his master's telescope with the intent on publicizing the city's discovery as his own accomplishment. However, Nightschkeemer was found murdered not long before the Floating City's discovery in what was obviously a completely-unrelated incident.

The first true discovery of the Floating City came at the hands of the Gentlemanly Association of Stellar-Educated Scholars, or GASES, during the late 18th century.

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