The Gentlemanly Association of Stellar-Educated Scholars, or GASES, is an association of well-educated individuals with a specific scientific focus on the heavens and space in general. The association is accredited with discovering the Floating City in the upper atmosphere of Saturn. Through contributions by Madam Victoria BonnePowder, it is also directly responsible for the manned space program primarily tasked with shuttling personnel and material directly to and from the Floating City.

Creation Edit

GASES was originally created by brother and sister Hyggens and Cassieni RingWaltzer. While both students of heavenly sciences, Cassieni is historically credited with carrying her brother, Hyggens, through most of his career. Under her careful guidance, Hyggens redirected the family fortune from grounds prospecting to inter-planetary research.

After a brief luncheon with Cassieni's former-boyfriend, Thales Polydeuces, the three decided to pool their considerable capital into a single pool, forming the financial background for a future professional association of skywatchers.

Discovery of the Floating City Edit

The Lockdown Edit

During the late 18th Century, and after a decade of considerable growth in both membership and financial prowess, the Gentlemanly Association suddenly became increasingly withdrawn. The doors to their membership hall were locked shut without public notice. Soldiers, requisitioned from Her Majesty's service, posted guard. The entire association seemed to go into seclusion with no explanation why.

Rumors told of one individual that seemed to come and go from the association's halls in the early days of the self-imposed lockdown. However, the man's identity was never discovered.

The lockdown came to a sudden end when several high-ranking members of GASES emerged from the locked doors and set out immediately to see Her Majesty, the Queen. Included among them were the RingWalter siblings and Madam Victoria BonnePowder, a highly-respected astronomer and mechanical designer.

Requisitioning the Queen Edit

The entourage from GASES arrived at Queen's palace by motor carriage less than a day after emerging from the self-imposed lockdown, suggesting they had traveled overnight at reckless speeds without stopping.